My Surreal Adventure with Modern Dance


I think it’s very important to see modern dance once a year, as if going for a physical, especially if dragged by a friend with some culture in his bones and a really strong headlock.

And so, on Saturday night, I found myself atypically watching Pilobolus, the dance troupe that consists of clutching, contorting bodies, at the Joyce Theater, where their artsy-cluster-fuck performance had me bopping my head as if I belonged there.

But it was actually fun.

In the first piece, the dancers twisted themselves into bells and scissors, one of them walking on one leg and one arm in the most ingenious way I’ve seen since visiting an animal hospital.

But the most amazing segment had the dancers sliding across a glass table with a video camera under it, so you could also see their movements projected and verticalized on a large screen, creating a kaleidoscopic effect that was really Pilobol-istic.

The things these people do with their half-naked body parts could make you believe in art, too!

Absolutely marvelous, darlings.

Now it’s time for my yoga class, and then I’m off to a really swell art gallery, and then a piece of Mahler’s, followed by a slice of Bavarian cream pie and sex with a string quartet.

Ciao, ciao. See you next year at the Joyce.