Ted Mann’s Giant South Slope Beer Garden Sounds More Edenic Than Germanic


When Brooklyn restaurateur/bar maven Ted Mann was last in the news, it was because he’d discovered he was the long-lost son of Ted Nugent. More or less lost in the resulting hubbub was the fact that Mann was planning to open a monolithic 13,000-square-foot beer garden-restaurant-bar in the South Slope. But thanks to Overflow magazine, there are now some more details about the project, which will be the 11th in which Mann has at least partial ownership.

The space, located at 555 Seventh Avenue, across the street from Greenwood Cemetery, was formerly home to a mechanic’s shop, and covers an entire city block. When it’s finished, the 10,000-square-foot beer garden will more resemble a park than a traditional German-style beer garden, with landscaping, grass, a fire pit, trees, and an “enormous amount of recycled materials.”

The 3,000-square-foot indoor bar and restaurant will similarly feature numerous repurposed fixtures, including a fireplace. Food at the still-unnamed establishment will be along the lines of hot dogs, watermelon, and hamburgers, or, as Mann says, “everything you take to a park, but on a higher scale.” There’s no word yet on whether Pop will provide the meat.

[Via Grub Street]