The Police Just Can’t Stop Raiding Culturefix


A month after Culturefix’s Ari Stern told us that the police “have created an environment of fear that limits the creativity of all of us to offer new and exciting things to guests from all over the world,” the NYPD has paid his Clinton Street bar and gallery another unwelcome visit.

Stern’s business partner, Cole Schaffer, tells Grub Street that Culturefix was raided Saturday night, with numerous police officers, the captain of the 7th Precinct, a lawyer for the NYPD, State Liquor Authority officials, and some New York firemen along for the ride. The raid, which took place at 10 p.m., shut the bar down for about an hour.

In addition to losing some $1,000 in revenue, the bar’s owners were slapped with violations for noise and having an unlicensed security guard. Reportedly, only 20 or 30 customers were at the bar at the time of the raid. According to Schaffer, the precinct captain said the raid was “random,” but given his June court victory against the NYPD, which had charged that Schaffer and Stern were operating their bar unlawfully, you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise.