The Vegetarian Thali at Bhim’s Cafe, Dish No. 60


This magnificent combo meal is known in Nepal (and India) as a thali.

There’s no nicer way to eat in Nepal than a thali at Bhim’s Cafe, which allows the sampling of several dishes at once. This picture demonstrates the primacy of rice as a starch; by volume, it’s the biggest thing in the picture.

Also included, running clockwise from 10 o’clock, is a pureed tomato pickle, a cold daikon salad, a spicy mélange of carrot and summer squash, and raw carrots. (Pop quiz: What’s the most important vegetable in Nepal, and why?)

Outside the tray (which is also called a “thali”), from left to right, is a cup of plain yogurt, nicely herbed dipping and pouring dal, and a plate with three vegetables on it: black chickpeas, mustard greens, and turmeric cauliflower.

What a satisfying meal!

A mini-meal within a meal