Domino’s Digs up the Noid for One Week Only


With plunging stocks, riots in London, and America’s imploding economy hogging all of the headlines, it’s only natural that Domino’s Pizza would turn to a defunct corporate mascot to generate some media attention.

This year, in case you somehow didn’t realize it, is the 25th birthday of the Noid, the badly animated, red-jumpsuit-wearing creature that Domino’s used in its “Avoid the Noid” TV advertisements from 1986 to 1988. Starting today and lasting until August 15, the pizza company will commemorate the occasion by making the Noid the star of a Facebook arcade game called “The Noid’s Super Pizza Shootout.”

Styled with the 8-bit look of the “Avoid the Noid” game created for the Commodore 64, the game is designed to generate nostalgia for an era defined by nuclear-arms fears, AIDS, the Reagan administration’s disastrous economic policies, and questionable personal grooming habits. Top scorers will receive free pizza in the form of a $10 gift certificate, though as of five minutes ago, the game was “temporarily out of order.” In the meantime, this will remind you of what you may or may not have been missing. [Nation’s Restaurant News]