Moms Fail Health Department Standards on Packed Lunches; Restaurants Are Shrinking


Gordon Ramsay is trying to revive his struggling restaurant empire in the U.S. with a deal with Caesars in Vegas to launch three restaurants.
[NY Post]

A look at the lineup for the food-truck lot in Queens: Kimchi Taco, Taïm, and Andy’s Italian Ices one day; Eddie’s Pizza, Desi Food, and Cupcake Stop the next.
[Wall Street Journal]

And what letter grade might Mom get for little Jimmy’s lunch? Not an A, according to a recent study. Preschoolers’ packed lunches were found to be unsafe.

Is the meatball craze just a food trend, or have we all gone orb-crazy due to some perverse fixation on ball-shaped foods?

Lobster numbers started dying off in Long Island Sound about 12 years ago due to global warming and pesticides, leaving the remaining lobstermen wistful.
[NY Times]

British sandwich chain Pret A Manger is enjoying its share of success in the U.S., thanks in large part to friendly, quick service.
[NY Times]

As restaurateurs find it harder and harder to fill big spaces in this difficult economy, restaurants in New York are shrinking in size.
[Wall Street Journal]

Outlets like the AP and The New York Times are getting the facts wrong about the laws surrounding salmonella or leaving out important information.
[Food Safety News]