My Weirdest Pitches Of The Week


Think the life of a gossip columnist/blogger is all sawdust and tinsel?

Well, here are some of the pitches I’ve gotten this week, to give you a hint of the reality behind the glitterdome:

*”Andrea Bocelli rides the East River ferry.”

*”1942 Oscar statuette brings $89,625.”

*”There is nothing natural about the sale and consumption of lion meat in the U.S.”

*”Jamaican Underwear Run kicks off NYC Nautica Triathlon week.”

*”J.Lo wears her Kohl’s collection at the Park with her daughter”

*”Pepsi to feature Super Bowl spot with winner of The X Factor.”

*”Bridgehampton Polo Club enters halfway mark of unprecedented 15th anniversary season.”

*”Ryan Park was dumped twice on The Bachelorette. Would you be interested in talking to him about his passion for solar energy?”

*”Belvedere Vodka presented the Belve Music Lounge this weekend at W Chicago City Center during Lollapalooza where top tier bands and DJs took the stage to deliver riveting performances to a high energetic crowd.”

*”iRenew launches Color Wellness bracelets.”

*”Please see attached photos of Megan Fox wearing Power Support Designer Collection Rachel Pally ‘Cheetah’ Air Jacket for the second time.”

*”Shay Mitchell and Tyler Posey wear DKNY.”

*”I wanted to remind you that I’m working with celebrity dermatologist Dr. Alex A. Khadavi. He is also the founder of the anti-aging skincare line RejuveMD, the anti-aging hair treatment Revivogen, and the three-step acne treatment Clearogen. Please let me know if you are working on any stories that might be a fit for Dr. Khadavi or would like a quote from a celeb fan. In fact, Melissa George recently tweeted about RejuveMD!”