News Corp Earnings Call: Rupert Murdoch to Face Wall Street for the First Time in a Year


News Corp’s quarterly earnings call with Wall Street will take place today, and the media conglomerate is putting 80-year-old Rupert Murdoch on the call despite the fact that he’s “famous for his off-script comments.” This will be Murdoch’s first time on an earnings conference call since before the phone hacking scandal heated up.

His last public go-round was the infamous hearing before British MPs in which he was pied in the face and (many agreed) came off as “doddering,” whether by design or because he’s actually really old. While News Corp’s quarterly results are expected to be sound, the question of succession is, Reuters reports, “certain to be raised”; will Murdoch insist on handing over the reins to his hacking-tainted son James, or will he accept the mustache-wielding COO Chase Carey as his heir? (Or will the formidable Wendi Deng depose both of them with her left hook?)