Riots in the U.K. Spread; U.S. Stock Futures Are Up; Upper East Side’s Suspected Serial Groper Caught


Riots and looting in the UK continued last night, spreading in intensity and span, affecting not just London but areas in locations including Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, and Bristol. Prime Minister David Cameron, who returned home from vacation in Tuscany, has pledged that 10,000 extra police officers will be put on the streets (making that number 16,000), and that Parliament will have an emergency session. Shops, cars, and buildings were set on fire, and there were said to be “hundreds of arrests.” A 26-year-old man was shot and killed in Croyden, the first known fatality since the riots began on Saturday. Countering back, some citizens have been cleaning up debris today (here’s a great photo of two offering tea to the officers protecting their street). The Telegraph has live coverage of the riots. [NYT, Telegraph]

• Stocks, stocks, stocks. U.S. stock index futures are up, slightly, which indicates a potential rebound in the S&P’s 500 Index, which had its biggest drop since 2008 yesterday. Treasuries fell, and European stocks are volatile, as is, really, everything right now. Hang in there. Federal policy makers are expected to meet today. [Bloomberg]

• Verizon management and union leaders have returned to the negotiating table to try to end a strike that had gotten dirty since it began Sunday morning — Verizon reps claimed at least 12 acts of sabotage against company interests, while the union said Verizon workers were hitting picketers with their cars. At stake are health care, pensions, and work rules. [NY1]

• The 61-year-old woman who was attempting to swim the 103 miles between Cuba and Florida without a shark cage had to give up early this morning, about halfway through her trip, due to strong winds, “less than ideal currents,” and, we’ll put it out there, swimming 103 miles without a shark cage. She says it was the right call. [CNN]

Gavin DeGraw was beaten by thugs, apparently, in the East Village early Monday morning, and then hit by a cab up at 19th Street. He was in Bellevue Hospital, but not “seriously injured” last night. [NYP]

• A suspect in the case of that little serial groper who’s been running around wreaking havoc on the Upper East Side and Central Park has been caught. Finally! [NBC NY]