Summer Wine Books Reviewed; Beer and College Football Go Hand-in-Hand


Eric Asimov reviews four new wine books. He likes Summer in a Glass, about the Finger Lakes; An Ideal Wine, about Californian wines; and Voodoo Vintners, about biodynamics. Less so Naked Wine, about natural wines.
[NY Times]

The Hangar One Vodka blimp, on a six-month promotional tour around the U.S., was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Cleveland due to weather warnings.

Those bears in the Ukraine that restaurants and cafés hire to drink vodka and entertain patrons? They’re now illegal.

New York’s economy may be struggling, but winemakers in the Hudson Valley say business is booming, thanks to better wines and facilities.
[Poughkeepsie Journal]

More and more college football stadiums are selling beer — around 20 now nationwide — which helps boost revenues.
[USA Today]

As wines get made with higher and higher alcohol levels, we have to consider that having “just one or two glasses” doesn’t mean what it used to.
[SF Chronicle]