Why Restaurants Fail


New York City is a notoriously difficult place for restaurateurs. They have to deal with expensive rents and a crowded market, among other hardships. Business Insider even notes that among the 1,000 restaurants that opened last year, 800 of them will fail within the next five years. Not quite a happy statistic, is it? More interestingly, however, Business Insider looks at 13 restaurants that shuttered recently, positing why they might have bit the dust, while revealing their best and worst Yelp reviews. So what were the unlucky places under review?

Even Lady Gaga couldn’t save Vince & Eddie’s, which the publication believes closed due to poor health-report scores; Anthos was sold to become a steakhouse; Barzinho was marshaled by the city; Lingua was losing money and located in a “cursed space.” P & G Bar and Grill had demons and debt; Moran’s, located near the World Trade Center, never recovered after the attacks of September 11, 2001; Floridita Tapas’ closing was blamed on the poor economy; Town owed $79,000 to its vendors; Wall Street Burger Shoppe filed for bankruptcy (people didn’t want $175 burgers — shocker!); Motorino had landlord issues; Stivale had building violations; 5 Burro Café had health violations; and Nicky’s Pho’s location didn’t have enough foot traffic.

None of these reasons for shuttering comes as a major surprise, but the story is still worth a read for the negative Yelp reviews. Like the one that reads, “The experience was so sub-par that it finally prompted me to set up a Yelp account and warn potential diners of just how bad this place is.” Ouch.