Condé Nast Elevator Twitter Really Has People Worked Up


The @CondeElevator Twitter account, which purports to tweet real quotes from inside the elevators of the Condé Nast building, is attracting intense interest from a surprisingly large number of people. Are the tweeted quotes even real? A lot of them are simply too good to be true. Regardless, both Gawker and Condé Nast itself are hunting down the person behind the account. Our very own Jen Doll has been implicated!

Gawker thinks that the person behind @CondeElevator is one of the first 15 followers of the account. Not only do they name Jen as a possible culprit, but also our former coworker Joe Coscarelli, who’s now at Daily Intel. Something you’re not telling us, guys?

This Gawker commenter totally thinks it’s Jen!

Anyway. According to ABC, Condé Nast is “hunting down” @CondeElevator. That’s what they say in their headline, anyway, which isn’t corroborated anywhere else in the piece. A spokeswoman said, “We have no idea if this is real or made up and don’t know who is behind it but it certainly suggests that many people care a great deal about what happens at Conde Nast.” Seems more like they’re enjoying the attention.

A source told ABC that the account is definitely coming from a “4-16” magazine, which means it’s probably someone at Vogue, Allure, SELF, Lucky, Teen Vogue, Details, or GQ. But hold on, everyone. Do we really want to know the identity of @CondeElevator? The fun will be ruined, and it’s probably just some dudeitor anyway.