Das Racist, Liturgy, And 18 More New York Bands Are On Christopher R. Weingarten’s Hipster Puppies Mix Tape


SOTC pal Christopher R. Weingarten’s Hipster Puppies, filled with pictures of bohemian canines and razor-sharp captions from the man himself, is out, and later this month there will be two events honoring its release: A pageant for pups at PowerHouse Arena on August 25, and a dog-friendly in-store at Sound Fix on August 27. Buy a book at one of those events and you can score yourself a copy of the Hipster Puppies mix tape, which Chris calls “a love letter to New York, as it features a meticulously curated selection of 20 of my favorite local bands.” Given that he’s tipping us off to new local acts every week as our Yes In My Backyard columnist, you know that he didn’t just search “New York” in his iTunes library and call it a day. Full track listing below.

side a
shooting spires – right
hunters – deadbeat
pregnant – help!
nt – transparency
das racist ft. despot – rooftop
aa – glow wreath
pterodactyl – school glue
dinowalrus – phone home from the edge
yvette – with fangs
ava luna – clips
child abuse – cut and run

side b
nonhorse – i love you bubbles
dan friel – desert song
mountains – thousand square
burning star core – mezzo forte
hubble – hubble other
weingarten/bieber duo – chernobyl igloo [excerpt]
liturgy – high gold
zs – acres of skin
beauclerk – bisonoric

And as far as why it’s a tape, and not a mix CD? “Because I’m exasperating Brooklyn hipster slime and everything has to be extra difficult for us or it’s not worth anything, duh.” I think he’s being a bit sarcastic there, though. I think?