Ellen DeGeneres Is Vegan, and Now She Has a Website to Prove It


For years, Alicia Silverstone was the sole Hollywood vegan to dedicate an entire website to her her dietary and lifestyle preferences. But no longer! Because Ellen DeGeneres has gone and launched her own vegan website.

Imaginatively titled Going Vegan With Ellen, the website is an offshoot of DeGeneres’s TV talk show, and as such is rife with cross-promotional content — you can watch Gwyneth Paltrow cook with Ellen, and see what Ellen’s wife, Portia de Rossi, looks like on the cover of Veg News (very blonde). There is also a slide show of vegan celebrities (Bryan Adams! Dennis Kucinich!), a vegan FAQ (“What do I do at big events like weddings?”), and numerous recipes.

The latter are a bit on the sad side: “Peanut Butter Sandwich with Agave” directs the reader to “spread a slice of bread with the nut butter, top with the sliced banana and drizzle with a little agave nectar,” while “Sausage and Waffles” calls for two dairy-free frozen waffles and two meatless sausages. When you’ve finished defrosting them in the microwave, try not to hang yourself with the cord. If DeGeneres wants to win the war against foie gras doughnuts, she may want to revise her battle plan.

[Via Veg News]

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