Gloria Steinem, A Roomful Of Other Women, And Me


I felt very male at last night’s HBO screening of Gloria: In Her Own Words, the documentary about famed women’s rights leader Gloria Steinem.

There were only about three men in the room — including me — so I had the joyful opportunity to soak in all that estrogen and bond with the sisterhood.

Before the film, HBO’s Sheila Nevins thanked Steinem and everyone else involved and laughingly noted the good job done by the editor, “even though you are a man.”

And then we saw Gloria’s story, including some of the low blows she’s had to take from males — like Harry Reasoner saying on TV that Ms. magazine would only last a few issues (he later apologized) and President Nixon privately bitching to Henry Kissinger that a TV interviewer dared to ask him about whether the White House would approve the use of the term “Ms.”

Nixon claimed no one had read Steinem or gave a shit about that issue. He was wrong and sure enough the White House later approved it. He never apologized.

Anyway, cheers on a productive life, Gloria.

Now that you have equal rights, I hope you have the sequel rights, too.