‘John Zorn Improv Night’ 2011


Once a month, the city’s avant-garde elite descend on Avenue C for an old-fashioned rent party to keep the Stone, their modest unofficial headquarters, afloat. A former Chinese restaurant converted into a no-frills black box by visionary agent provocateur John Zorn, it’s the apotheosis of the downtown scene, the heir apparent to erstwhile hub Tonic. John Medeski, Thurston Moore, and Lou Reed have all hunkered down and unleashed hell behind its doors. The lineup for these benefits is as unpredictable as the pressure-cooker improvisation, but with enough die-hard noise heads crammed in there to risk breaking the fire code, it gets hot fast.

Sat., Aug. 27, 8 & 10 p.m.; Tue., Sept. 20, 8 & 10 p.m.; Sun., Oct. 16, 8 & 10 p.m.; Sat., Nov. 19, 8 & 10 p.m.; Fri., Dec. 30, 8 & 10 p.m.; Sat., Dec. 31, 8 & 10 p.m., 2011