Man Attempting to Jump Off Roof of 30 Rock Has Been Rescued (Updated)


A man is attempting to jump off the 70th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the FDNY confirmed. There is currently a fire engine and EMS on the scene. People at NBC have been discussing the situation on Twitter — including @Durrellojello and Luke Russert. @Durrellojello explained that a photo he tweeted was from a “rooftop cam.”

Update, via Luke Russert:

FDNY has confirmed the jumper is off the ledge.

Update, 5:13 p.m.:

Questlove tweeted the following photo with the comment: “Seconds before he surrendered. My heart is still racing like HELL. I know times are hard yall but…auuugh!”

Update, 6:39 p.m.:
Brian Williams blogs about the situation. [h/t]