Meet Anne Hathaway’s New Costar


“It’s a good date movie,” I said to Jim Sturgess at the premiere party for One Day.

“That is, until …”

No, let me not give it away for those who didn’t read the book.

In the film, Sturgess — known from Across the Universe, The Other Boleyn Girl, and 21 — hits it off with idealistic Anne Hathaway on July 15 in the 1980s.

The film follows them on that very date every year for aeons as they age and grow character lines.

It’s Same Time Next Year with … no, let me not give it away.

Anyway, Sturgess told me it was interesting shooting the whole thing out of sequence.

“The first scene we shot was the one where we first meet,” he related.

“But then you’re jumping around time-wise. In the morning you’d be 35, and then after lunch you’re 40, and by the evening you’re 20 again.”

“But isn’t that how most of us generally spend every day?” I asked, and Sturgess graciously agreed.

In fact, I plan on turning 20 again tonight!