Nazis Tricked by Wash-Off T-Shirts With Secretly Nice Message


Here’s a good idea…if you give a Nazi a T-shirt, make it one the Nazi is prone to be attracted to, like a magpie to something shiny. Make it say, maybe, “Hardcore Rebels – National and Free,” and give it a skull-and-crossbones to make it seem really edgy. They will go like hotcakes, as they did at a recent right-wing extremist rock festival in Germany. But! This is the part where things get crafty! Make the T-shirts secretly bear another message, one that undermines the entire “badass” Nazi message. Make it say, for instance, “If your T-shirt can do it, so can you. We’ll help to free you from right-wing extremism.”

When the Nazis put their hate-rock-concert-stinky shirts in the machine with a bit of Tide or whatever they’re using these days, that message will appear, and, when handed back to the Nazi from the dryer by Mr. Snuggle Bear, the T-shirt will also smell so good and fresh.

This happened (well, the message part, if not the Tide and softener bits), thanks to a rather brilliant group called Exit Deutschland, which helps people get out of “the neo-Nazi scene.” They disguised their so-called Trojan T-shirts as a donation to the organizers of the event, and, though they’re aware that a T-shirt itself is probably not going to make Nazis stop being Nazis, maybe they’ll think about it, a little bit.

And when they do, Mr. Snuggle Bear will be right there with them. How can anybody be a Nazi around this guy?

Right-Wing Extremists Tricked by Trojan Shirts [Der Spiegel]