This Week in the Voice: The Choice to Marry


This week in the Voice: Steven Thrasher tells the beautiful love stories of two same-sex couples. But while Kawane and Jeanette Harris got married on July 24, the first day they could in New York, Kevin Beauchamp and Howard Orlick — both legally blind — are staunch gay marriage advocates who, for now, have no intention of getting married.

Our Michael Musto chats with Roseanne Barr, whom he explains is the “the Green Tea Party candidate for president in 2012.” A sample from Roseanne’s side of things: “I don’t think a woman has to have children in order to be a genius, or what I call a va-genius. There are va-geniuses of all stripes. As long as they’re willing to seek a solution, I want them.”

In his column, Harry Siegel looks at the 2013 mayoral race, which rests heavily in the Democratic primary race. Within that he looks at the “firsts,” saying, “you could call this the Balkanization, or in a sense the Sharpton-ization, of New York politics.”

If you’re looking for something edible, you will find a lot, as Robert Sietsema has ventured to Flushing to sample the variety of tastes both pleasing and not so pleasing — don’t try the pizza — at the New World Mall’s food court.

After seeing her perform last Tuesday, Maura Johnston examines Britney Spears and her “seeming disinterest in her own career.”

If you’re heading to the movies, Karina Longworth explains what The Help “is best at: forcing easy, organic charm to glimmer through a few layers of ancient dust.”

While checking out different exhibits, R.C. Baker examines painter Sigmar Polke’s photographs, writing that “he emphasized a crucial element that was purposely submerged in most serious photography (and is wholly absent from our digital epoch): the visceral interaction of chemicals on paper.”

And there’s also the education supplement!

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