A Madcap Encounter With Matthew Modine


Over lunch recently, two friends and I were poring over a book of movie stars in drag, particularly marveling at the shot of Matthew Modine dressed like a girl in the 1983 comedy Private School.

Well, I must have conjured him by sheer cinephile telepathy.

Later that very same day, I was riding my bike when a man bicycled up to me and said, “Musto! It’s Modine!”

It was him. Matthew Modine. Dressed like a man. I am not making this up.

“My friends and I were just looking at a photo of you in drag,” I gurgled, flabbergasted by the co-inky-dink.

Private School!” he said, smiling, and rode away.

OK, God, I am now looking at a photo of Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria.