Burger King Steals All McDonald’s Good Ideas; First Lady Honored as James Beard Sustainable Food Visionary


Burger King is testing new menu items, including specialty coffees, low-fat parfaits, oatmeal with dried fruit, and salads. … Sound familiar? [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Sbarro, which filed for bankruptcy this year, has proposed a restructuring plan that would give ownership of the company to senior lenders, reducing its debt by 73 percent. [Bloomberg]

Following that Times piece on fancy, organic hot dogs, another article on the iconic street food going the way of the dodo bird. [CBS News]

French Culinary Institute chef Marc Bauer has released a cookbook for people suffering from acid reflux called Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure. [FOX News]

Michelle Obama and Alice Waters are among 10 honorees at the first James Beard Awards for “visionaries” in sustainable food. [Diner’s Journal]

The city worker who masterminded a multimillion-dollar food-stamp scam has pleaded guilty to charges. [NY Daily News]

The U.S. will produce more corn, wheat, and soy to help level food prices, but that will take several months and in the meantime you can expect costs to keep rising. [Wall Street Journal]