Condé Nast Elevator Maybe Outed?


Game over. Multiple sources told The Daily Beast that the owner of the @CondeElevator Twitter is John Jannuzzi, a style editor at Lucky Magazine who also runs the popular Textbook tumblr. Jannuzzi hasn’t admitted to anything, but he did tweet “This is fucking ridiculous” and “Frantic text message from Mom.” He’s right, it is ridiculous — that this is even a big deal, that is. Outing him was maybe not cool of TDB, especially if our source was right that “there is so much backlash on this thing that anyone slightly connected seems fearful of their job.” Also a bit ridiculous: that Condé Nast would be such a dictatorial place that you can’t even have a lighthearted anonymous Twitter account without fear of retribution. No more eavesdroppy fun in the Condé Nast elevator, forever. Now the big question is: how iron-fisted will Condé’s response be?


[The headline of this post has been changed because we’re hearing that The Daily Beast might be wrong. Will update if we hear more.]