Condé Nast Elevator, We Hardly Knew Ye


Almost as soon as it arrived, the snarky @CondeElevator Twitter account has made its exit. The account, which was allegedly composed of real quotes from inside the elevators at Condé Nast, went dark today with a contrite tweet from whoever’s been controlling it:

Looks like Condé Nast really may have been conducting some kind of witch hunt for this person. That’s so cool of them!

Now Hearst and Goldman Sachs have gotten into the elevator Twitter game. Hearst’s is not funny, Goldman’s is.

Though we wouldn’t want to out @CondeElevator and make them lose their job, we would like to ask them a few questions. We’ve followed a few leads, none of which have been fruitful. A source close to someone at Condé Nast who thought they might know who it is couldn’t tell us anything real, as “There is so much backlash on this thing that anyone slightly connected seems fearful of their job.”

We’re investigating further and will update if we can get in touch with the brain trust behind @CondeElevator. Who are you, Condé Elevator? Talk to us.

[] [@_rosiegray]

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