David Chang Is Fishing and Christina Tosi Is Partial to Crif Dogs’ Cheesy Waffle Fries


It’s been relatively quiet on the David Chang front since he took the opportunity to extol the virtues of traveling first-class and angrily defended his right to sell $5 bottles of Mexican Coke.

Turns out the chef has literally gone fishing — earlier today he tweeted photos of himself in Yellowstone, holding some perplexed-looking trout.

But while he’s been busy stringing bait, Christina Tosi has apparently been eating corn dogs and cheesy waffle fries at Crif Dogs and standing in line at Abraço. That’s according to The Local East Village, which hit the pastry chef up for a list of her favorite East Village spots. It also includes Luke’s Lobster and St. Dymphna’s, and Tosi’s admission that “I always thought of the East Village as rather rough and armpitty. Little did I know, I’m a little rough and armpitty around the edges myself.” Which is exactly how we like our cookies and soft-serve.