Even More Wi-Fi Coming To City Parks


Didn’t we hear in June that AT&T was bringing Wi-Fi to parks this summer? Yes! And now we’ve learned there are even more hotspots on the way. According to a press release announcing the city’s renewed deal with Time Warner Cable and Cablevision Systems, 32 parks will be provided with Wi-Fi by the cable companies for nine years. Broadband subscribers can use the web al fresco for free, but others will have to fork over 99 cents a day once they’ve used up their three free 10-minute sessions a month. That’s all in addition to the 20 parks scheduled to get free AT&T Wi-Fi (some already have web surfing capabilities!) for five years. The cable companies’ Wi-Fi areas will be also be spread out across the five boroughs, although Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications spokesman Nick Sbordone said that the AT&T and cable Wi-Fi are not supposed to overlap in the same part of one park: “We want to focus on parks in areas of boroughs that might not necessarily have service already,” he told us. Maybe that will appease southern Brooklyn.