Is This New York City’s Most Obnoxious Cabbie?


Speaking of crazy cab rides, what do you get when you put a possibly intoxicated, or maybe just very cheerful, singing cabbie with a so-called exotic dancer and her 6-month-long boyfriend-person, who are travelers to the big city? You get this rather awkward situation, recorded and put on YouTube for all of us to see. This is a healthy reminder to all of us: Conversations with cab drivers can be interesting, even revealing and fun, but everyone should probably bring earplugs, just in case. Also, don’t drink and drive, particularly if you’re driving other people for money. The poster of the video says, “We had just left the Katra Lounge lower Manhattan about 3am and this guy picks us up…..I think he was drunk off his ass.” We’ve emailed to see if there’s more to this New York City…love story?