KalBQ Offers Korean Tacos…When You Don’t Want Atomic Wings


We’re big fans of multifunctional spaces. Why specialize in one type of service or food when you can do multiple types? Banh Mi Saigon Bakery, for example — who doesn’t want a jewelry store and a Vietnamese sandwich shop? So when we heard about KalBQ, a new Korean fast-casual spot located inside an outpost of Atomic Wings, we were pretty excited to check out the city’s newest hybrid.

We began with the pork-and-kimchi taco, which, we were told, was made with house-made kimchi (this Atomic Wings’ owners are Korean). Succulent and juicy, it was a really good Korean taco, although bolstered up with a good amount of lettuce.

We also got the steak ssam taco, which was served on a large lettuce leaf. The steak itself was on the dry side, and there was also a lot of lettuce in the mix here — really more like a salad, so we’d probably skip that next time.

And we also ordered the kalbi LA platter, which featured juicy slices of beef over rice with some sautéed veggies and slaw. All in all, a decent lunch spot for Korean fusion, and a good option for those in Gramercy for whom K-Town might be too far of a walk. And if Korean isn’t your thing, fear not — you can always get the Atomic wings.