Kate Middleton: Frump Or Fabulous?


That’s the question posed by an ABC News story, and for once I’m quoted being compassionate.

You see, Kate was elevated to the fashion pantheon as she arose to prominence in that House of McQueen dress, but after the wedding, designers and pundits started lining up to criticize her ordinary ensembles and, what’s worse, her eye makeup!

Well, we American tastemakers aren’t gonna stand for it.

Simon Doonan is quoted in the article saying it’s Kate’s job to be frumpy and friendly and she’d be guillotined if she weren’t.

Meanwhile, my point of view is that Kate is clawing through the hype to find her own personal style, and we should let her do so without pressure.

Let’s give her the chance to make the ordinary extraordinary.

And let’s allow her the chance to be comfortable enough to not always have to measure up to an impossible standard of superficial glitz.

And now, back to the Kardashians.