Rebecca Black Tries To Prove That She Is An American Who’s Got Talent


If you get into work today and hear people chattering about a young singer named Rebecca Black, no, you haven’t been time-warped back to March; the California teen made the jump to the big screen last night, performing an under-two-minute blend of “Friday” and her jab at her detractors “My Moment” on a YouTube-synergistic episode of the still-kicking freakshow America’s Got Talent. Black is still in “take me seriously” mode, apparently, and she ditched the nasal, flat, Ke$ha-like affect that she displayed on the recorded version of “Friday” to actually sing the thing. Sigh. Why does nobody know how to have fun anymore?

Also on the program was the deep-voiced “Chocolate Rain” singer Tay Zonday, who should serve as something of a lesson to Black: Internet fame is fleeting, and even if you can actually sing, once your 15 minutes are up you won’t seem half as attractive to producers as a guy who can lip-sync already known musical quantities. Even if your song is terribly earwormy, four years is, like, forever in Internet time.

Watch the throne! Or, you know, just watch the 8-bit version of Tay’s catchier-than-“Friday” signature track.