Rising Cocoa and Sugar Prices Are Why You’re Now Paying $6 for a Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich


Yesterday, Blondie of Blondie & Brownie noted with some alarm that Coolhaus has raised the prices of their ice cream sandwiches from $5 to $6. “Don’t get me wrong, the cookies are beyond delicious and the ice cream is a creamy delight,” she wrote, “but this ice cream sandwich pricing is getting out of hand.”

Although we’ve always been able to excuse Coolhaus’s pricing with the reasoning that their sandwiches are basically a meal, we were curious to know the reason behind the increase, which, relative to the original price, is substantial. So we emailed Natasha Case, one of the truck’s owners, for an answer.

The culprit, it turns out, is one that’s lately been wreaking havoc all over the globe: “Cocoa and sugar have spiked 30 percent,” Case told us by email, “so in order to maintain the high-quality ingredients our sandwiches contain, I had no choice but to raise our price at the truck.” She added in a second message that “dairy has gone up too.”

Case went on to say that Coolhaus will compensate for the increase with “cost-innovative events” like “pay what you want day,” where, for an hour or two, customers can fork over as much or as little as they desire. And “honestly,” she writes, “many people pay $5 for a scoop of handmade, artisanal, unique ice cream. … We offer that plus two gourmet cookies and even an edible wrapper. … I think it’s still a steal!”

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it could be worse: The day after paying $6 at Coolhaus, Blondie discovered someone selling $7 ice cream sandwiches.