Those Of You Who Missed New York Noise Can Enjoy Weird Vibes, Now Streaming At MTV


Last year the local-music show New York Noise was unceremoniously given the heave-ho by NYC TV, but creator (and NYC indie-scene lifer) Shirley Braha has returned with a new half-hour video show on MTV Hive, the indie-leaning, surprisingly content-rich offshoot of that’s also serving as the online home of the revived 120 Minutes. Behold Weird Vibes, an every-so-often program with Trapper Keeper-meets-Mac Classic aesthetics that will somehow fit six videos in its half-hour running time. The debut episode’s roster includes clips by Shabazz Palaces and Vivian Girls, as well as an investigation into how being a buzzband isn’t as, well, buzzy as it might seem, with testimony from the likes of Tanlines, Frankie Rose, and others. It’s especially grueling when your music gets called, ugh, chillwave. Watch below!

Also, shots fired?

So whats the deal with Weird Vibes? It’s our new 30-minute indie music series. Yeah, yeah, indie blah blah, say what you will, but here’s an actual cool music video show. Remember those? They were pretty awesome, and then they basically disappeared. Maybe blogs took over? Well blogs will be blogs, but sometimes it’s nice to zone out and watch a music show, ideally one that’s funny, doesn’t suck, features bands you actually care about and doesn’t have random people conducting pointless band interviews.

You hear that, red carpet shows everywhere? You’re all on notice.