Toast Hits Theaters Later This Month; in the Meantime, Here’s a Preview


It’s been a long two years since Julie & Julia gave gastronomes their moment of Hollywood glory, and since then we’ve had to make do with scraps of reality TV and the occasional documentary. Fortunately, our wait for further celluloid sustenance is almost over: Toast, the film adaptation of Nigel Slater‘s best-selling 2005 memoir of the same name, is scheduled to hit theaters this month.

Set in 1960s England, the film depicts Slater’s childhood, which was marked by his mother’s death, his adversarial relationship with his stepmother, and his desire to win his father’s approval through his budding culinary skills. Slater eventually grew up to be a renowned cookbook author and the host of his own cooking show; he has a cameo in the movie, playing, naturally, himself. When it premiered on British television last year, The Guardian called it “beautifully done — poignant and sad, but with lightness and humour.” So, in other words, it may just fill the Julie & Julia void.

[Via Grub Street]