A Guy Bought a Hundred 212 Numbers for $3,000


Dennis Mykytyn is likely the man (outside of the phone company, or another corporate entity) who would win the Guinness Book of World Records spot for holding the most phone numbers with the 212 area code — the most prestigious area code there is in this town, until Brooklyn is completely repopulated by Manhattanites. He spent $3,000 on 100 numbers, which means, for those of us with questionable math, they were $30 apiece.

Why would anyone buy a hundred 212 numbers for $30 apiece?

The EV Local (kudos on that photo!) reports:

“It’s prestigious,” said Dennis Mykytyn, who runs a record label, Modern Records in an office at Lafayette Avenue and East Fourth Street. “When 212 is on your phone, everyone knows where that it is, and it means you’ve been around for a while.”

[Rhetorical question sure to engender the demise of 212 numbers: Does a 212 number mean you are old!?]

Mykytyn bought the numbers in bulk in 2007, which explains why he has 100 of them. He uses less than 10. But he will not give them up, no how, no way: “I viewed it as a marketing expense,” he said of the purchase.

Times have changed since the heady 212-free-love days of yore, and people who want 212s are being given the lesser 646 or…horrors…718. Telecom companies are selling 212s in fives or tens rather than hundreds, and charging an additional up-front fee for them. This guy tried to sell his 212 number on eBay for a million bucks! Ooh, here’s one for a relatively cheap $675!

For now, Mykytyn is holding onto his “Forever Stamp” of an area code. He plans not to sublease them…even though he thinks he probably could. Of course he could. We know a guy who’s paying big bucks for 212 numbers! Oh, actually, he already owns a hundred.

You guys, you can get a cheeseburger phone for $13.04!

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