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A New Date For Sutton Foster?


Last I heard, two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster was deeply ensconced with Bobby Cannavale, but the title Anything Goes could become prophetic because someone else is suddenly trying to court her!

And it’s a Broadway queen!

Chris Barnes — a/k/a Christopher T. Magician — is a popular bartender at Pieces bar on Christopher Street who has written a show for the New York Musical Theatre Festival called Just Like Magic and is gamely trying to scare up some press for it.

So he’s cooked up the adorable idea of begging Sutton, through various videos, to escort him to the NYMF opening-night party.

He’s even gone so far as to put a necktie on his arm and googly eyes on his knuckles and talk to a balloon puppet of Sutton (see video above)!

And so far — just like magic — there’s been no response!

Well, not from Sutton, anyway.

Chris tells me that several other shows in the fest have responded by ripping off his idea and are begging Sutton to escort them, etc., etc.

“I’m sure Bernadette’s available,” he responds, fuming. “Sutton’s ours.”