Cocky Doody Is Sizzling Hot At The Movies


Yes, the latest trend in film magic happens to be crap!

It’s really the shit!

Here are some examples:

*The Change-Up starts with Jason Bateman changing a baby’s diapers, only to have the baby shoot a big stream of caca right into Jason’s mouth! Watch out, Divine!

*The Help [SPOILER ALERT] centers on a “shit pie” made by a righteously vindictive maid getting back at a white racist. Watch out, Paula Deen!

*Bridesmaids has the instant classic scene in which the title characters all suffer explosive diarrhea during a particularly shitty fitting session. “I do,” indeed.

*And Sarah’s Key has a poignant scene in which captive Jews have to relieve themselves on the floor.

What next — Fellini’s Defecate and a Half?

Oh, well. Shit happens.