Condé Nast Elevator Is Dead; Long Live Condé Nast Elevator 2


Deluded as we are, we thought that maybe today the @CondeElevator drama (which, admittedly, we had a hand in) would be over. Yesterday, the owner of that account was outed as Lucky editor John Jannuzzi, but it’s actually not John Jannuzzi; a good sport, he denied any involvement on the Lucky website. The account has stopped tweeting anyway, so maybe it’s time that we all moved on to fake Twitters that are actually funny, like @GSElevator, which is run by a Goldman Sachs employee. Apparently bankers really do say stuff like “I havent banged an analyst since I left JPMorgan.”

We must have underestimated the pull of masturbatory media gossip, though. Because now there’s @CondeElevator2.

Let’s witch-hunt it!

(And no, @CondeElevator2 is not John Jannuzzi.)

Sigh. Well, we’re following it. Old habits die hard, etc.

For a good rundown of this week’s hot fake media Twitters, look here. For better things to do, look outside!