‘Crazy Landlord’ Building Won’t Have a Restaurant, but May Have Sex Toys


In April of last year, it looked like the so-called crazy landlord building on the corner of Second Avenue and East 3rd Street would soon become home to the Belgian, a bar and restaurant its owners referred to as “a sexier Balthazar.” But the sexiness was not forthcoming, and the long-vacant space remained so. Until yesterday, when EV Grieve noted that scaffolding had gone up around the building. Could this mean some sort of food establishment, Belgian or otherwise, will finally move in?

According to the crazy landlord himself, no. “That other situation” with the Belgian is history, he told us. Instead, “two well-known West Side ladies” — he declined to give their names — who have a “garment store with sex toys” will be opening some sort of boutique there. Whether the neighbors will find sex toys preferable to a sexier Balthazar remains to be seen. Regardless, it may be a while before they’re able to pass judgment: “It happens when it happens,” said the landlord. “These things take time.” No kidding.