Five Reasons You Should See Wild Flag Tonight


The term “supergroup” is pretty well overused in this hyperadjectived age, so let’s call Wild Flag—ex-Sleater Kinneyans Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss, former Helium mastermind Mary Timony, and onetime Minder Rebecca Cole—something more superlative, because they certainly deserve it. Superdupergroup? Megagroup? Mondoband? Whatever you prefer, they’re playing the Williamsburg Waterfront tonight with Sonic Youth and Kurt Vile, and tickets are still available. A few reasons why you should maybe alter your plans tonight and take the plunge near the East River, after the jump.

1. Mary Timony is a fantastic guitar player.

“XXX,” from the early Helium EP Pirate Prude, shows off her style well—it often has a bit of languor, which she uses to imply an entire spectrum of emotions that you didn’t think could be served up by six tautly pulled strings and a pick. That she teaches guitar to kids gives me a bit of hope about the future.

(It should be noted that Carrie Brownstein is pretty terrific, too..)

2. Janet Weiss’ drumming is a wonderful thing to behold.

But don’t take my word for it. Read her lessons on how to be a fantastic drummer here. They all make so much sense!

3./4. The songs they’ve released so far are fantastic…

Here is “Romance”!

And here is the peppy, fantastic, Brownstein-fronted “Future Crimes”!

5. …and you’ll get to hear more cuts from Wild Flag, which comes out next month, during their set this evening.

I saw the band when they hit the Rock Shop in March and they played a bunch of their still-in-the-works-then record; it was completely life-affirming. Evidence below.