Gentrified Food at the Rockaways Is Giving Real-Estate Developers Certain Ideas


File as Case Study #84,309 of Why People Hate Foodies/Hipsters/Artisanal Anything: Now that certain tattooed segments of Brooklyn and Manhattan have begun frequenting the Rockaways to eat fish tacos and frozen chocolate-covered bananas, real estate types have taken note.

Sean MacPherson, the man responsible for the Bowery and Jane hotels, told The Wall Street Journal that now he’s considering doing a project by the shore: “It’s the Lower East Side on the beach. It’s like, ‘Why are people not living out here?'”

“People,” of course, means those who have the means to stay in MacPherson’s hotels and ruin things for the many other people who have been living in the area for years, minding their own business and somehow surviving without gluten-free cupcakes and pedigreed hamburgers.

[Via Brownstoner]

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