Summer, We’re Over You: 8 Reasons to Look Forward to Winter


Listen, we (that is, Jen) loves summer. But maybe not everyone does. And because it’s our dear intern Esther’s last day, we’re letting her sound off on the subject. Let the summer-hating commence!

It’s August, and it has been for two weeks now. Summer is almost over. We made you a seasonal bucket list. Internships (including mine at Runnin’ Scared!) are ending, back-to-school ads are airing (Old Navy, calm down), and we’re all getting a little fatigued. As our days of complaining about how hot it is grow fewer, we find ourselves beginning to wistfully dream of those days when there’s a chill in the air.

On nice days like this one, I swear, if the breeze catches you in just the right way, you can smell autumn. Even the city is gearing up for the impending icy onslaught. We started out the summer with “33 Reasons We Can’t Help Loving Summer In the City,” so now, as a kind of denouement, we bring you eight reasons we are looking forward to winter, especially winter in New York.

Surely by the time the season actually rolls around, we will look back on this list and laugh about our naivete as our lips start to chap and we remember the intense loneliness inevitably caused by New Year’s Eve. But for now we will relish in our frosted hopes.

8. Holiday Music
Okay. This is a controversial one, since most people hate it, but we appreciate a season in which we are allowed to listen to the in-retrospect-creepily-titled A Christmas Gift for You From Phil Spector, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and Mariah Carey saying the word “festive.”

7. Oscar Season
In the summer the majority of movies are disastrous, moneymaking vehicles for explosions and/or sentimental spurts of emotion, but in the winter movies get serious and, let’s face it, good. Have you seen the trailer for The Iron Lady? Holy mother of Meryl Streep.

6. Snow
This may be a little too soon to say after last year’s snowmageddon, but those early first snows — the December ones, not the February ones — are delightful. Our parks look beautiful, and the snow reminds us that a) global warming hasn’t quite destroyed us yet and b) we can still take some childlike pleasure in nature despite our hardened New Yorker insides.

5. Christmas Trees Being Sold on the Street
Right now the streets of New York smell like some weird combination of rotting food, poop, and B.O. Come December they will smell overwhelmingly of pine. What season wins?

4. Apple Cider
And, really, any foodstuffs sold at the holiday markets that pop up around the city in places like Bryant Park, Columbus Circle, and Union Square. Edibles we crave include, but are not limited to, the aforementioned cider, gingerbread, chocolate-dipped marshmallows and candy canes or otherwise candy-cane flavored goodies. On a separate note, we are getting to the point where we are kind of done with iced coffee for now. [Jen: boo!] Also, eggnog. Eggnog with a lot of rum.

3. Breaks
Winter is the only time of the year where most everyone in the city gets a reprieve from work. Except journalists. We never rest.

2. The True Feeling of Warmth
In the summer you are hot. In the winter, after coming inside, there is a genuine feeling of wonderful, glowing warmth. Add apple cider or that eggnog and rum I was talking about, and you’re guaranteed to feel swell.

1. Sweaters
They can be ironic, colorful, stylish, sparkly, over-sized, fuzzy, or ugly, but they are always spectacular and cozy. Besides, winter clothes are the great equalizer. During the summer people fret about how they look when they are practically naked (or actually naked depending on what kind of beach you frequent). During the winter most are just content being warm. A good gigantic sweater trumps any swimsuit or bikini, because whether you are a man or a woman, no one needs to see your midsection. As a bonus, accessorizing is fun.

Esther would like to note that although summer has lost its shine for her, she loves (loved?) her summer internship.