That Tainted Turkey Is Still Out There; A Call for Global Salt Intake Reduction


That salmonella-tainted turkey that’s been going around? It’s sickened more people, at least 107 in 31 states by now.
[US News and World Report]

Kraft is promoting its new Velveeta Cheesy Skillets, a line of just-add-meat pasta dinner kits, with a series of ads that invite women to “use their stoves.” [NY Times]

Barbecue is still frowned upon throughout Europe, but the British BBQ Championship has helped it gain respect in the U.K.
[Wall Street Journal]

This doesn’t bode very well for the food-truck cause: A vendor in Atlanta ran over two children, killing one.
[WSB Atlanta]

Some airlines are trying to offer healthier in-flight food options, but maybe they should just focus on simple meals that refrigerate well.
[Wall Street Journal]

Does disposing of food waste using a garbage disposal system reduce the global warming potential? A study commissioned by a garbage disposal maker says yes.

A new report calls for the U.N. to make reducing salt intake a global health priority, saying it could save 8.5 million lives around the world over the next decade.

The latest numbers show that nearly 25 percent of New York households with children don’t always have enough money to buy food.
[Ithica Journal]