The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Will Pop up in Cape Cod


Although the Big Gay Ice Cream boys are still hard at work readying their shop for business, they’re doing what most sane New Yorkers do in August, which is get the hell out of town.

Earlier today, BGICT HQ tweeted news of its impending one-day-only pop-up in Truro, Massachusetts. According to details on the BGICT website, it will take place on August 19 at Adrian’s Restaurant, as part of a summer-long pop-up series orchestrated by Eat, a Boston “dining concept.”

Among other things, customers can expect “a new milkshake that we’ve designed for the shop — it’s equal parts vanilla, ginger, curry, and love.” And, eventually, maybe more: “The idea of a roadside ice cream shop on Cape Cod has always been appealing,” said Doug Quint in a press release announcing the pop-up. “Maybe we’ll be out here permanently one day, who knows?”