Today Through Sunday, You Can Buy Watch The Throne At Something Resembling A Record Store


To celebrate Watch The Throne being available in physical form today, Jay-Z and Kanye West have transformed the space at 201 Mulberry Street into a record store that, naturally, is selling that album and that album only. The windows are outfitted in the gilded, Riccardo Tisci-designed pattern that graces the cover (reproduced above, in case you forgot what it looks like); walking in you’re greeted by the reconfigured Maybach that’s one of the stars of the Spike Jonze-directed video for “Otis”. That clip plays on loop on the stark, pretty-much-empty-save-for-Thronegazers space’s back wall, with projections of the rest of the album’s art on the other walls. Want to see what the car looks like up close? Of course you do. Clicky clicky!

Smell the money!

The store is open until 7 tonight (deliveries of large quantities of glassware that were happening during the SOTC team visit would indicate some sort of party is happening there sometime soon) and will remain open for your CD-buying enjoyment through Sunday. (Sorry, purists; there doesn’t seem to be a vinyl edition of the album ready yet.)

Update: It might be open until 8 tonight! A whole extra hour for you to bask in the richness!