Zsa Zsa’s Daughter Fuming Over the Count’s Latest P.R. Stunt


The most sizzling press release in ages is this outraged one on behalf of Francesca Hilton in response to the Count von Anhalt‘s plan to have an anniversary party.

Francesca feels this is another blatant publicity stunt for the no-account count, so she’s responded with a press release aimed at getting publicity!

And it’s a good one:

“Frederick Von Anhalt has announced a dubious Wedding Anniversary party for himself.

“Zsa Zsa Gabor (94) could not be aware of it because of her state of health and mind.

“Mr. VonAnhalt has made public statements that are not truthful concerning this alleged celebration to be held at Zsa Zsa Gabor’s home in Belair in the near future. He claims that celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Lanie Kazan, Kirk Douglas, and a list of other big stars are invited and expected. Laine Kazan told us personally that she received an e-mail invite but will NOT be attending.

“We checked on the others. You already know the answer. NOT COMING. Not surprisingly, one person very important to Zsa Zsa Gabor has not been invited and that would be our friend Francesca Hilton, her only child. Mr. Von Anhalt has also announced that this celebration (or publicity stunt for himself) will have a Wolfgang Puck/Spago Anniversary Cake. Barbara Lazaroff, co-owner of Spago, has responded to this. It seems that VonAnhalt had the nerve to ask Spago to donate the cake. The answer was NO.

“Funny thing is, VonAnhalt has been banned from Spago for a number of years after he had an altercation with one of the owners–Barbara Lazaroff herself. So even if he wanted to pay for the cake the answer would of been NO. Next up may be a ‘Cease & Desist Order’ for VonAnhalt to stop using Spago and Wolfgang Puck’s brand to promote himself. We recommend it.

“This event is almost as hilarious as the billboard he put up on Sunset Blvd. with one half of it a picture of himself in a phony royal costume with his own website prominently listed. Also VonAnhalt claims falsely the photo on that billboard is their wedding picture. Francesca Hilton, who was at the wedding, has pointed out that ‘that was NOT mother’s wedding photo and that Zsa Zsa would be appalled if she could comprehend what VonAnhalt is doing in her name.’

“VonAnhalt said publicly that Angie Dickinson and Jacquie Stallone have RSVP’d to the party. He said he will bring them in to see Zsa Zsa in her secluded room one at a time just to look at her since Zsa Zsa can’t speak and is bed ridden. Francesca Hilton stated that, ‘my mother hardly knew Jacquie Stallone’. Sounds like a real fun party.”

Well, at least it’s a chance to see Zsa Zsa, if not Lainie.