Murdoch Pie-Thrower Blogging From Jail


Jonathan May-Bowles, the man who famously threw a pie in the face of Rupert Murdoch during the media mogul’s hearing last month, has just updated his blog from jail. Bowles, who often goes by the name “Jonnie Marbles,” posts on a blogspot domain called “Anarch*ish*.” He has posted twice since being sentenced and gives a look into his world during his six-week stint in Wandsworth Prison.

His first post-sentencing update, “Day 1 – Going down,” was written yesterday but begins at his August 2nd court date:

My probation officer, my lawyer and the law of the land all agreed that I should not go to jail. Rupert Murdoch had dropped the charges. But this woman, alone and unaccountable, was having none of it. There were rules, she said, but she, like I, was willing to break them to make a political point. I got 6 weeks.

He admits to breaking down in tears and apologizes to his son:

Minimarbles, if you are reading this, whenever that is, I am deeply sorry from the depths of my heart. I love you and miss you. Not seeing you is my real punishment here; the only one I care about, anyway.

The rest of the post describes his first day at prison. Learning the ropes, hiding tobacco and — in what develops as a theme — being treated warmly by fellow inmates after they find out who he is:

I’d been advised by [fellow inmate] Dangermouse not to say what I’d done, just that I was in for assault. This plan went up like a lit fart the moment I stepped into E-Wing. “Oi, Pie man!” shouted one of my fellow lags. A few cons come over to alternately shake my hand and take the piss. We have some of what I believe is known colloquially as “banter”, something I have not enjoyed since university. It is not like riding a bike.

His second post, “So, prison is scary, right?” updates us on his new cellmate, Splinter:

Splinter gruffly orders me to make my bunk up, which I do. “Nah, make it up proper, I don’t want you fucking about later when I’m trying to sleep or watch telly”. By way of apology I tell him that I’m new at this. “What do you mean you’re new at this?” I explain it’s my first day in prison, like, ever.

“Why, what you in for?” he asks


20 minutes of laughter, handshakes and spreading the news down the wings later and the mood has lightened considerably. Splinter gives me some hard won prison advice. He’s been in and out of the system for 30 years.

Soon he is making friends again. A highlight includes an interaction with Beebop, another inmate, who asks him to autograph a copy of The Sun, a Murdoch-owned publication. Beebop says he plans to sell it on eBay.

Bowles is also tweeting, using the Twitter name @JonnieMarbLes. His profile asks, “Please send posters of Rita Hayworth and tiny chisels to: The Governor, H M Prison (Wandsworth) PO Box 757, London.”

We have reached out to Jonnie for comment, we’ll keep you updated.