Vodka Blimp Breaks Free of Moorings and Lands in Backyard


A 128-foot blimp advertising Hangar One Vodka broke free of its moorings at a Columbus, Ohio airport during high winds, the AP reports. The FAA couldn’t locate the rogue zeppelin after it floated, unmanned, into the sky. Seven hours later, a homeowner two miles away called to report that a giant blimp was in his her backyard. The Hangar One website says that the blimp is on tour across America in “a feat of blimp stamina to rival history’s most ambitious airship itineraries.” The website also says that “blimpin’ ain’t easy.”

The Hangar One blimp started its cross-country tour in May in Orlando. It is due in Detroit on Thursday.

The Hangar One website is full of fun blimp facts including, “The blimp will always launch and land with it’s [sic] nose pointed into the wind” and, “Airships have the best safety record of any type of aircraft.” It also lists each crewmember’s favorite flavor of Hangar One Vodka. The pilot in charge prefers Kaffir Lime, while tour manager enjoys Fraser River Raspberry.

There are no reported injuries.

UPDATE: The blimp landed in 94 year-old Lillian Bernhagen’s backyard. “It really is quite an occasion to have a blimp land in your yard,” she told reporters.

Windblown blimp found a short distance from Ohio airport where it broke free from moorings [Chicago Tribune]