After 32 Years in the West Village, Hercules Fancy Grocery Falls Victim to Rising Rents


Hercules Fancy Grocery, which has sat on the corner of Morton Street and Seventh Avenue since 1997 and existed in some form in the West Village since 1979, is packing it in by the end of the month. The culprit, as usual, is the rent. According to DNAinfo, the store’s owner, Hercules Dimitratos, now pays $6,434 a month for a space that he originally rented for $2,020 a month. The $800 Dimitratos pays in monthly property taxes added to his already considerable burden; “With these taxes, this rent,” he told DNAinfo, “people aren’t able to stay in business anymore.”

Well, some people are: We’re guessing that Marc Jacobs will view this as a prime opportunity to co-opt yet another West Village storefront into his designer ghetto.