Interstate Food & Liquor Hopes to Succeed Where Bunny Chow Failed


Over the past few years, 74 Orchard Street has had a rocky time of it. In 2008, Sonia Rose moved in. In 2009, it moved out. Later that year, Bunny Chow, a South African restaurant, decided to have a go at it. But despite some truly excellent food slang and the efforts of one engagingly bizarre waiter, it passed on this spring. Now, there’s another contender: Interstate Food & Liquor.

Bowery Boogie reports that the “burger bar” is scheduled to open this Wednesday. According to the Interstate website, the menu will be comprised of such overwhelmingly familiar staples as chicken pot pie, mac ‘n’ cheese, hot dogs, and, of course, burgers. They’ll be served at lunch, dinner, and late at night; breakfast is coming “later.”

It’s a rote formula, to be sure — as is Interstate’s advertisement that its food is “mostly local and organic” — but perhaps that’s what it will take to break the 74 Orchard Street curse. Late-night burgers and booze are sure to be draws for the weekend hordes who have of late migrated below Delancey Street, just as they are anywhere else in the city. Whether the locals will view this as a blessing or a curse is, of course, another story.