New York City Scratch-N-Sniff Book Will Happen, Be Smelly


Because we like our smells to come in books instead of from people or street corners (do we? DO WE?), or maybe because this is kind of a great gift to give some non- or former New Yorker, we’re happy to write that the scratch-n-sniff book we wrote about last month has been fully funded by Kickstarter! Congrats to Amber C. Jones, 36, the book’s author and a New York City hotel concierge who has been exposed to all kinds of smells. She’s hit her goal of $20,000 and has also already written the text for New York, Phew York: A Scratch-N-Sniff Adventure. Tim Probert, 24, the book’s illustrator, has announced on his blog that he’s completed drawings for roughly half the book, reports DNA Info.

Thus, you will not have long to wait until you’re mailing this book out to your pals in Idaho. Via the Kickstarter page, some of the scents included are:

Red Apple, Strawberry, Garbage, Pizza, Hot dogs, Sewer steam, Fish, Churros, Peanuts, Horse Manure, Shish-kabobs, Smoke, Bagels, Grass, Piragua Ice Cone, Pickles, Pastrami, and More!

In honor of this book, we’d like to offer up a few of our favorite New York City smells:
-The laundromat, when you’re picking up your laundry after it’s been waiting there for a week.
-The Chinese food you ordered, before you eat it.
-The trailing scent of that really perfumed lady who passed you on the street three blocks ago.
-New York after the rain.
-The way your apartment smells when you return after a vacation.

The book is expected to be released in mid-November, and with a $34 pledge you get a signed first edition. You can still donate, if you’re dying to smell sewer steam in book form. We admit, we sort of are.

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